Stuttgart – a broad publishing landscape

Well-known traditional publishing houses such as Reader’s Digest, Kosmos, Thiene­mann, Hatje, MairDumont, Motor Press Stuttgart and Klett likewise have their head office in Stuttgart as their media site, as do small specialised publishing houses. Here one predominantly finds publishing houses for trade and technical books, trade journals and scientific publications. However there are also inspiring picture albums for travel, lifestyle, architecture and design, like those published by Avedition. Arnoldsche Art Publishers focuses mainly on jewellery, fashion and European art.

Current news is offered by the “Stutt­garter Zeitung” and the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten” newspapers; both belong to the Zeitungsgruppe Stuttgart.

An overview of the publishing landscape in the Stuttgart region is presented in a guide published annually by Stuttgart Economic Promotion, listing approximately 400 publishing houses in the region. A closer look provides more information at the Stuttgart Book Weeks, one of the largest regional book fairs in Germany.

Klett Group – committed to education
The Klett Group, with headquarters in Stuttgart, is the leading education provider in Germany and one of the most important educational publishers in ­Europe.

The beginnings of the Klett Group go back to 1897. The company has been held in family hands ever since that time. From a small publishing business with an office in Rotebuehlstrasse in Stuttgart, developed a highly regarded textbook publishing house and later a many-sided educational company.

New locations were added in German-speaking countries as well as abroad. Today the Klett Group is represented Europe-wide with about 60 companies. The idea of education in all its facets is the connecting link, mission and commitment for the companies of the Group.

Klett offers a broad range of reading ­materials, from the standard textbook to interactive aids for learning, from technical literature to belles lettres. Another field contains educational and continued education services for long-distance learning and seminar providers in the Group.

Klett supports numerous cultural and educational projects in Germany and abroad. The Group is engaged in promoting reading skills and alphabetisation, contributes educational materials to relief agencies and promotes art and music. This is done in the conviction that an excellent education can change the realities of life for the better and open up new perspectives.



Illustration by F. J. Tripp

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